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Bixby Passes Mask Recommendation

BIXBY, Okla. (KTUL) — Business is up in Bixby from this time last year, believe it or not. The pandemic has not slowed down the needs of local shoppers, but it has created a point of contention between some stores and their customers.

"If you've got some maniac in there barking at the business owner because they don't want to wear a mask and they are getting aggressive and violent with the other patrons in there, there's no need for that. We're trying to avoid that. We've had several of those," said Ward 3 Councilor Paul Blair.

That's why the city voted four to one to approve a resolution recommending masks, but not mandating them, also offering police support to business owners who have someone in their store that creates a problem.

"As far as wearing a mask when you just walk out of your house, it does say "in public", but some of this comes along with common sense as well," said Bixby Mayor Brian Guthrie.ADVERTISINGCitizens in attendance were against the mandate, many brought conspiracy theories and misinformation with them.

"I understand that you guys are getting bullied by Bynum, and of course he sold us out to the highest bidder. The Bloomberg Foundation, the Kaiser Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation. A little bit of United Nations Agenda 21/2030 going on here," said Laura Burkett.

"Masks do not work to contain viruses, but they are great tools for suppression of speech. The purpose of masks is to break down communication, destroy your individuality, and make you submissive," said Amber Allen.

One councilor and pharmacist put the discussion bluntly before voting in favor of the resolution.

"Here's the bottom line, take politics out of the picture. Get off the damn Trump train. Get off the Obama train, and start being one of the 70 percent in the middle who has common sense," said Ward 4 Councilor Brad Girard.

Girard reminded the audience this is not a mandate. If free will is the concern, he says you still have the free will to not wear a mask when out in public.

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